Scot Pilgrim Vs. Hollywood

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the coolest independent comics ever made, Scot Pilgram is now being made into a movie.  Now, the Samurai is usealy against comics being made into film.  The reason? A comic is a comic, a move is a movie, both are different art forms and should be dealt with differently. As a comic,  Scot Pilgrim’s creator has an amazing amount of creative control.  In hollywood you can’t wipe your butt without six weeks of focus groups, production meetings and re-writes.  Can a dynamic, cute and edgy story like Scot Pilgrim make it in the creativity-crushing world of Hollywood? Well . . .it is yet to be seen.

I can say from what I’ve seen so far it feels like the comic, but with one enormous snafu.  Michael Cera, a man who could’t look and act less like Scot Pilgrim is he tried, is playing Scot Pilgrim.  The only reason I haven’t given up hope completely is two reasons: they actually found a half decent Ramona

Ramona Flowers, good choice, Scot? Naw . . .not even close

Flowers (the most halarious character from the comic) and Michael Keaton.  What does he have to do with this? Well . . .think about it, Michael Cera is an annoying goofy flavor of the month actor who appears sorely miscast.  When Michael Keaton was cast as the original Batman, he was a hack standup comedian best known for his roll as the crazy ghost in Betelgeuse.   That guy as BATMAN?

Michael Keaton did a wonderful job as the dark knight, then went on to make more irritating unfunny comedies.  So, can Michael Cera, who normaly plays mumbling nurotic nobodies, play the ultimate slacker Scot Pilgram? The samurai will give him a chance, and open his mind to the possibility that he’ll do a good job.  However, if Hollywood ruins one of my favorite comics, the Samurai will reap revenge sevenfold.