The Samurai goes to S.P.A.C.E.

S.P.A.C.E. Con, The pinnacle of the independent comic scene, a summit of those who have tossed off the shackles of mainstream publishers to run free of the sunny meadow of creativity and originality. Many of them have suffered under the whips of Marvel, DC, or Archie and SPACE is where they gather, in a basement of a hotel in Columbus Ohio, far from the creeping searchlights of their oppressors. The Samurai knew, he had to see this. The best and worse ideas in the world are the original ones, and all the comics at this con are either ingenious well written yarns, to barely readable literary abortions. The Independents lack a middle Ground, but whether the comics they pen are great or grating, these creative juggernauts are my kind of people.

I arrive via bus, and I we met by Dawn Best and her partner in crime Matt Eshleman. I’m an good friend of Dawn and Matt, and they had agreed to be my guide in this world, as the most I knew of Columbus was the layout of the bus station (It’s a common stop on bus rides to my old job). Dawn was peddling her own comic, Varulv and Mat was in his own words: “Along for the ride”. Why had the Samurai gone? To see old friends, to make new friends, and support the independent scene. The dealer’s room was large and vibrant, both expansive and cavernous. The exhibitors didn’t just sell Comics, but Art, toys, cupcakes, magic potions, sprite sculptures, antennae and home made geek wares of every shape and size. I picked up a number of items, some novelty items and some comics.

One Highlight for me was the discovery of Urban Fey, a comic about the fair folk in the city, the idea of a traffic light Fairy and a band of talking animals got my creative juices flowing. “Diary of a Gay kid” was an enjoyable slice of life, not a preachy political rag like many gay comics, just a story about being a kid. Tribute waters was another fave of mine, a well written “Nautical Fantasy” with amazing art, done with inking brushes. I finally got to Read Dawn’s comic, and being a huge fan of werewolves I wasn’t let down, her art is something I can look at for hours, and Horay for were-bats! I finally got to meet Scot Hedlund, picked up one of his mini art portfolios and a copy of his two-part “Chaos Punks” which I really liked. M.L. Walker’s Hero Corp may have restored

The Devil's Venom

Lucid Absinthe, it's like Concentrated regret with a twist of lime

my love of super hero, having long been burned by the genre’s bland representation. He Also did a pretty kicking pic of the Samurai, defending the mean streets of “New Wooster”. Thanks to Indie comic legend Max Traffic for giving my a copy of one of his classic books “Truth be known” I have a special place in my heart for the Psychedelic old style indie comics of the 80’s.

The Con went well, other than an absinthe-fueled argument with the floor I’m told I had, and an uncomfortable incident where an inebriated gentlemanattempted to “Put out” the flames on my shoes (I’m not sure if he was serious) I had a wonderful time Rubbing elbows with the upper crust of the Indie comic world. I hope to get back there next year, if only to meet more of this burgeoning fandom’s adherents, The Samurai Has Spoken.