Who Is the Samurai?

The Samurai, defender of Justice, expounder of the obvious, warrior of truth, and punisher of the stupid.  Layer of Verbal Smackdowns, revealer of the true way.  He is this, and much more, he is an enigma wrapped in a question, wrapped in a candy coating, wrapped in broken glass and rusty nails.

He’s so tough, he eats nails for breakfast, and broken glass for lunch.  He once punched a man so hard his fist went back in time and punched the guy again IN THE PAST.   He once got in a knife fight with a Nun and lost, he discovered a plutonium that’s edible and tastes like strawberries.  He Once opened a hole in the universe just by farting.   He cured cancer once by putting a gerbil wrapped in tin foil in a microwave, but no one believed him.

read his blog, and Know him, but be assured that no one understands him but his woman.


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  1. The Samurai is nothing! LOL. JK

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