Obama a Robot from the future?

I think it’s A serious question lots of people just . . .overlook beucase they like the guy. Yeah yeah, we all got starry eyes when he gave his “We Can” speeches and all that jazz and sure he’s a decent speaker, but do we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not a robot from the future?!?

Some may ask for evidence when I make such an extreme claim, but I’ve never seen him tested once by anyone to actually see if he’s a robot or not. Everyone loves the guy, yeah yeah blah blah, except for the right wingers, and their arguments are about big government spending and alleged pandering to foreign dictators, while they are his critics they totally overlook the possibility of him being a robot from the future and decide to go with more “realistic” objections to his policies.

For a long time, some evil corperation , in the future (most likely under the Employ of the Consortium of Above average Citizens) has unleashed human “Cybercelebs” on us like Dick Clark, Tom Jones, and Weird Al Yankovick. While most of the dopplgangers are spotted outright, others can slip into the woodwork of our society, doubtless waiting to strike on some far-flung date. President Bush was lousy, but we know he was flesh and blood (Who would make a robot that stupid?) President Obama seems a bit to good to be true, so why take chances?

Call your congressman people, demand that President Obama be tested immediatly to verify his humanity. Unless of course, your also a robot from the future. If you are, then rest assured you won’t take our world with phony presidents!

The Samurai Has Spoken!