Letterman’s Lovelies

For those of you who were in a hole under a mountain with their fingers in their ears for the last couple of weeks, here’s the big news:  David Letterman was  blackmailed by some guy into admitting on the air he’s been sleeping with co-workers.   Yeah yeah, blah blah who gives a damn!?!?

Really folks, are we so easily fooled?  Letterman’s always been just a bit less

Your average David letterman Guest wigging out

Your average David letterman Guest wigging out

Funny compared to the next best thing on at ungodly hours of the night (One Mr. Jay Leno) so he’s always had to make up this lack of overall funniness by being shocking.   Think about all the famous people who wait until they’re suddenly on the late show to get fed up with the world and go ape crazy in the middle of an interview so the news can buy him some more ratings.  Let’s list a few while we’re at it shall we?
1.  Andy Kaughman and Jerry the King Lawler almost coming to blows
2. Crispin Glovers drug-induced tyraid which he later revealed was him acting “In character” to promote a movie
3. Tom Wait’s appearing on the show numerous times, tipsy,  surly and sometimes barely verbal
4. American Sweetheart Courtney  Love flashing her boobies
5. The Slightly more attractive Drew Barrymore also dancing on his desk and doing the same thing
5. Juquin “Don’t call me Johnny Cash” Phoenix and his mumbled, fractured interview where he reveals he’s going to try hip-hop
Why does all this (And more) happen on Letterman’s show and nowhere else?   Does he not drug test his guests or are we being suckered?  Honestly folks, I think Letterman just loves the scuttlebutt produced by celebrities

Watch me!  Im funny and no sex scandals!

"Watch me! I'm funny and no sex scandals!"

behaving badly.   So much so that when he was blackmailed, he saw the perfect oppoutuniy to get ratings by coming clean with his own dirty past.   Think about it people, did he look entirely broken up and being forced to come clean with his dirty deeds?  What normal Person makes jokes about cheating on your long-time girlfriend with co-workers?  Letterman isn’t all that funny, and he NEEDS the negative press to keep him going.  Do yourself a favor, flip on over to Conin, the only thing controversial about him is the claim he’s had illegal leg extensions and freckle enhancement surgery.